How well does your website represent you?

The web is seductive. There's so much it can do, that it tempts you to start pushing buttons just to see what'll happen. But the many things the web can do, makes it hard to know what the web should do.

The web must be led, not followed. "Should I do SEO, Adwords, or both?" "Do I really need a blog?" "What can Analytics tell me?" The problem with these questions, is the absence of the most important question: "Where do I want to go?" The web, like the wind, blows in every direction. Hoist your sail and chart your course, or you'll get lost at sea.

Choose one hat, make sure it fits. A PHP coder can use code to increase sales, an SEO pro can use keyword analysis to write site copy, and a graphic designer can use infographics to increase site traffic. A pianist can play a violin concerto, but a conductor knows that to perform a masterpiece, each person's role must tightly fit her skills.

Your web presence is like an orchestra. While you want your team to be filled with the best possible players, a great conductor - with the freedom to lead - can make good players into a great team.

Great answers come from great questions. The web is a sea filled with answers to questions you haven't asked. If you don't know what questions to ask, how can the web give you the answers you need?

Shall I orchestrate your web presence?

I'd like to lend you the dozen years of experience I have with the web. Lessons I've learned through years of trial error can be yours. Years of shortcuts, know-how, tricks, and techniques, all yours.


Here are some of the areas I can help you with:

Orchestration of all team members.

There are many people with different perspectives. I can act as liaison between creatives, designers, developers, partners, customers, staff and founders.

Advise on long-term SEO strategies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is rapidly evolving and highly-competitive. I focus you on the techniques that will stand the test of time.

Smart & effective usage of Google Adwords.

Sometimes it can be ROI-smarter to use Adwords for lead generation or market research. Most people don't use it this way.

Highly-relevant email marketing.

It's a mistake to rely on "buy now" shotgun blasts. I can help craft multi-step email conversation campaigns, and I am well-versed in InfusionSoft, the best tool for this job.

Advanced site measurement & insight.

Even out of the box, Google Analytics can be confusing. I help take it to deeper, advanced levels to produce valuable gems of data that are insightful and actionable.

How to launch & learn.

No matter how much you plan, there is no substitute for what you will learn after you launch. The sooner you launch, the sooner you can improve.

Psychology first. Technology second.

How using moreĀ psychology and lessĀ technology can both increase your results and decrease your costs.

Their eyes; their shoes.

User experience design and journey mapping to really understand the people you're building for.

How to be worth sharing.

Every business model has an element that people will want to spread by word of mouth. It just needs to be packaged right.

Fast & cost-efficient development.

I know how to find and orchestrate developers to increase speed and decrease costs. And if you're on a significant budget, I can manage an overseas team for you.

Only as good as you're worst tool.

Every tool you choose will both enable and confine your actions. I've had a chance to get to know many tools, and am a quick study when it comes to a new system.

Low-hanging fruit = Quick wins.

There are assets you have that you don't realize you have, or simply don't notice anymore. My fresh eyes will notice and realize for you.

Simple solutions for complex problems.

Many problems are simply not understood. I know how to keep solutions easy. This means low-cost.

Attention > Audience > Revenue (AAR).

Revenue is only the third kind of asset. Attention and audience are easier to create, but I help you apply the AAR Funnel to your flow.

Produce a blueprint of your system.

The key to any system is to make as many decisions ahead of time. I formalize these decisions within a visual map of your system.

The best way to start is to start. But how?

I've told you, but I'd rather just show you. I know that the best way for you to realize how much help I can be, is for me to actually to start helping you. But this is more than just a playdate. More than just a coffee.

A single, monthly fee covers my guidance, planning, and orchestration of your web and marketing systems development, plus a percent on top of any fees you pay to the vendors I manage and orchtestrate on your behalf.

If you'd like to start with just a single month the fee is $1,500, and I offer deeply reduced rates for longer-term engagements (12-months is the longest I offer).


If you're interested in this model, the next step is for us to have an initial conversation to explore this further. Interested?. or (212) 253-7274